A New Voice, A New Year

People try
To pull the wool over your eyes
Don’t know why
They want to profit from your demise
They lie
To cover up how weak they are inside, oh
Baby, baby don’t you cry
All you got’s your pride
So I

I know you’re down
When you gon get up
I see you’re down
When you gon get up
I know you’re down
When you gon get up
I see you’re down
When you gon get up

-Amel Larrieux’s “Get Up”

I feel good.  Physically.

Exercise.  It’s good for what ails you.

Here’s a GY oldie but goodie.  Some reading music for you.


The push-up progress is slower than it should be.  I think the problem is that I need to warm up the upper body muscles as well as the legs first.  Maybe.  I’m still sore, though, so it’s all good.  And getting more sore with each passing minute.  Beautiful.

My right running shoe is squeaking.  That can’t be a good sign.  You know what means.  Another Christmas present for me from me!  Of course that $1,900 car repair is kind of harshing my spending/consumer buzz.

You should have seen the expression on my face when I realized that I had to get gas last night.  Probably the same expression of a guy who’s just been told that he has to get a colonoscopy.  That will be broadcast live, nationwide.

I keep thinking of all the things I could do and places I could go for that much money.  In a way it’s a waste of time to participate in such Gedanken experiments.  On the other hand, it wakes me up to what I can do.  And what I want to do.  Shaking up the ol’ world a little bit.  I like that aspect.

Welcome to the Family

Somehow cars, pets, and children know exactly when to become ill and cost you money.  Just last weekend I bought a new guitar.  Beautiful instrument.

My reg’lar classical guitar, aka Rose, has intonation issues and there’s no rod to adjust.  And I’ve been wanting a classical acoustic-electric for years.  That means that it’s a classical guitar that can be plugged into an amplifier.  I’m still breaking it in.  Little buzzing on the fifth string.

I also figured out how to record directly into my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with the Zoom H2 so I may be posting more tunes soon.  I’ve been resurrecting some old material, although the timing is really awkward.  Eh.  Only live once, right.

Oh god, I can’t lift my arms.

The Summit at Joe Squared

I had the honor and privilege of witnessing the first — hopefully regular — ensemble of some great musicians in Baltimore.  I took a bag o’ recording devices of various sorts.  Took some video and grabbed screenshots from it.  Camcorder on tripod with remote control is neat.  But the lighting was low and there’s a lot of noise and artifacts in them.  Feh.  Still, I think they capture the spirit.

Here are photos of the new axe and the Joe Squared hit.



Is fast approaching.  Do you have any major plans, resolutions, manifestos?

I think … I would like for 2010 to be a  year of travel and exploration.

2009 was about collaboration (or was that 2008) and that went well.  Not the party-all-the-time musical renaissance I wanted, but many connections and friendships and technical knowledge and workflows were established.  In that aspect it was an outstanding year.  Thanks to the encouragement of Khadijah, Todd, Lars and many others.  I did things I didn’t know I could do.

Socially I’m a complete loser, but I figure it’s one of those things.  Okay, “loser” is a … I can’t say that.  The people in my life are the most amazing, beautiful, talented, creative, productive, generous, kind human beings you could possibly know.  They make it all worthwhile.  I wrote a song about that last year.  Fold?  Not executed especially well (oof, yeh, that needs some help) but ….

you fold me into yourself
you hold me higher
you never let me settle
and you remind me
of days gone by
and i think of you

It’s even truer now than it was.

But the social thing.  Like, you can’t focus on it.  When you have a weakness or a fault or a dead zone, I mean, focusing on it produces a tautological quagmire.  So pursuing other areas of life and living openly — open to possibilities and creating possibilities — the rest will follow.

I feel like I’m headed toward something.  All of these things coming together.  I want to start focusing the light.  I can shine bright when I want.  It’s time to focus that energy and start getting things done.  Not sure what those things are.  Never you mind that small detail.

That’s right.  I’m the one letting the dogs out.

It’s time for the dog to have his day.


Add Yours
  1. Sadie

    Sad I had to miss the Joe Squared thing last Sunday. I’m sure there’ll be more o’ those, but still…
    also— nice axe 🙂
    Oh and could you email or message me or whatever, your address??? T’would be helpful to have.


    • garyarthuryoung

      Yeh, I think they’re doing it again the first Sunday night in January. January 3rd? It was great to a see a bunch of musicians getting together to play each other’s music. That doesn’t happen enough, imo.

      Just emailed you my snail mail address.

    • garyarthuryoung

      Thank you for reading and listening, by the way. And for commenting. I appreciate it. You know I’m a total comment whore.

      I’ll include some other oldies in future blogs. I’ve got a bunch stashed away.

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