Snow Day – New Song: “A Noble Endeavor”

Okay.  I officially have cabin fever.

JWW shared a song by M83 with me.  Kind of reminded me of Sigur Ros.  I’ve been trying to change things up musically but … you know.  Sometimes you just get stuck.  So the M83 tune helped.

The danger of cabin fever is that it shuts you down.   I fought it.  Now I’m givin’ in.  I’m just going to enjoy the lack of things to do.

A Noble Endeavor

I hear something else in there but can’t quite figure out what it is.  Everything I tried didn’t fit or seemed like too much.  Eh.  I’ll let it ride.  It’s not a clean mix, but close enough.

Oh wow.  Google’s music search is alright.  Looks like they provide links to a few cuts from myspace or something similar.


Road Trip

I’m looking to road trip somewhere this weekend.  In theory, anyway.  Any suggestions?  Looks like there aren’t shows at Scullers.  There are a few things in NYC that I’d like to see but the hotel prices are way out there as you’d expect.  I ain’t payin’ no $499 a night for a hotel room.

Might go to the beach.  I wonder if it would be deserted or just mellow.

Oh!  A ski resort!  That’s an idea.  That’s more like it.  They’re cozy, right?

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  1. Kirk


    How about considering a visit back to the Bay Area? I can try to set up a gig so you can appease your musical appetite. The weather isn’t so nice here now but I bet it’s a lot warmer here than there.


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