Social Isms 4 = LGN 10

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I’ve had the iPhone music on shuffle for the past day or two. Some good stuff on there and some things popping up that I didn’t realize that I miss. One of them that I used to listen to nearly constantly is Kurt Elling’s “Ballad of the Sad Young Men”. Poignant is an understatement.

There’ s so much music out there. There’s feel-good music, dance music, toe tapping or head nodding, slow dancing, thrashing. Something for every mood, y’know. And then there’s a song for every experience, emotion, stage or phase. Amazing.

Anywho, without further ado (in my head) here’s Mr. Kurt Elling performing “Ballad of the Sad Young Men“.

Sing a song of sad young men
Glasses full of rye

LGN 10

Okay, I’ve slipped. I haven’t been shedding pounds like I’m supposed to. It’s not all bad news, though. I haven’t gained any and since I’ve definitely gotten stronger and have been gaining and toning muscle it’s a good sign. Because muscle is more dense than fat, if you follow me. In short, you won’t shed pounds while building muscle. Most likely.

So … weight isn’t everything.

All the news is bad again so
Kiss your dreams goodbye

Anyway, I had to start logging my calories with the Lose It iPhone app again because I’m trying to get back on track. I’ve got 20 more pounds to get rid of, in theory. I know, I know. I just contradicted myself. But the idea is to get the weight down as much as possible and I’m not trying to bulk up so I’m not power lifting or consuming mass quantities of protein or Muscle Milk or whatever. Just getting stronger and hopefully leaner.

All the sad young men
Sitting in the bars

But 20 lbs. at 1 lb. per week is about, what, five months? We’re talking late April? Feh. So I’m trying the 2 lbs. per week schedule. That, my friends, is hard. 500 less calories per day? Easy. But 1,000? For me that’s a calorie budget of a little less than 1,800 per day. The center can not hold. I guarantee you that. But it’s something to aim for, keeping in mind that if you want to get stronger you can’t starve yourself, y’know. So I’ll figure something out. Whatevs.

Knowing neon nights
Missing all the stars

For the most part I’m focused on aerobic exercise. And you know I really enjoy the treadmill most of the time. But I think I may have a stress fracture. Or shin splint? Tibia. I don’t know how to tell the difference. But for now I’m going to use the elliptical machines for a while.

I blame this possible almost-injury on my old nemesis, the Ghost of Exercise Past. He visits you when you get older and think you’re going to reclaim your health and looks from your youth. He’s a right bastard, and no mistake.

Sometimes he warns you with a massive, fatal heart attack that he’s going to pay you a visit and that maybe you should ease into it or consult your physician before embarking on an exercise program.

He used to supply me with a nearly endless supply of intense, attention grabbing muscle cramps, aka charlie horses, at awkward times.  You know.  Like acute muscle cramps in both calves while riding a bike … in traffic. What a sense of humor on that guy, huh?

All the sad young men
Drifting through the town
Drinking up the night
Trying not to drown


You know what I want to do? I want to go to a ski resort and go tubing? In theory I want to learn to snowboard but, eh, not really. I just want to slide down some snow. I was looking at hotels near White Tail and I’ve been hearing talk of Snowshoe in W. VA. We’ll see what happens. If I actually go anywhere or if I just putz about. It’s a shame that doing stuff costs money, y’know? Then again it is the holiday season. I expect and have even planned — well, not planned — but I expect to over spend, let’s say.

All the sad young men
Singing in the cold
Trying to forget
That they’re growing old

You know what else I’d like to do? Rent some studio space for a weekend and hang out with a bunch of musician friends and make music and record it. Nothing super formal. Just spontaneous, relaxed fun. There’s a studio in Hudson, NY. If I ever hit the Lotto I’m going to do it there. It’s like a studio and a bed and breakfast in one.

All the sad young men
Choking on their youth

Of course I can’t find it now, but it does exist. Or did at one time. I’m determined to find it now.

I was thinking of going to the beach in DE. Just to check it out. Stay at an Americinn. But I checked it out in street view on Google and it looks like every other over-developed beach strip on the east coast so it didn’t ring my bell. Blah blah blah.

Trying to be brave
Running from the truth

Aurae, Pt. 4

I’ve been thinking about this some more. The more I understand and flesh out this notion the more interesting it gets for me. Last time I was talking about manipulating your aura in social situations. You can translate that in terms of being mindful of the impression you make. For example, have you eaten at a restaurant recently? Alone, I mean. Have you ever seen someone eating alone at a restaurant? It’s kind of a pitiful sight. Sitting at the bar alone? Not so bad. But seated at a table. We’re a social species so the lone diner in public is an anomaly. You start thinking, why is this person here alone? Is he waiting for someone? Has she been stood up? Is he going to check his phone again? Nobody’s calling you, buddy.

Autumn turns the leaves to gold
Slowly dies the heart
Sad young men are growing old
That’s the cruelest part

Now. Here’s the thing when in public on your own. I eat out at restaurants on the solo tip a lot. You need two things. Something to entertain yourself, which will most likely be something to read. And a good prop. Prop = conversation starter. A musical instrument (case) is just about the best prop you can have aside from a puppy, Hitler’s head in a jar, a kitten or a human cub.  Whatever you call those things. Or a good book. Some popular literature.

Some people look uncomfortable alone like they’re ashamed and vulnerable. Some look downright creepy like you want to call your spouse and tell them to get a headcount of your children. Some people look like they might own the place. Some people make it seem like the venue is lucky to have their presence. Some people you can’t imagine ever being alone in the first place. Some people look like they’re taking a break from doing something amazing and make you wish you could tag along.

I know this seems like it’s extremely tangible considering that I’m talking about a person’s aurae. But the props, which I forgot to mention also includes how you’re dressed — see, all the outer stuff is just a shell. A costume. A suit and tie or your favorite outfit makes you feel comfortable in your skin, which equals confidence, which equals a bright, warm, inviting aurae. The kind of fire that you want to walk up to and hold out the palms of your hands for warmth.

All the sad young men
Seek a certain smile
Someone they can hold for a little while

I was thinking about all of this recently and had a realization. The aurae, yes, it’s a bioelectric emanation and I’m using crazy person’s license to flesh it out a bit. It can be perceived and intuited and such. But here’s the thing.

It’s also a sensory organ.

Fish know it. And they aren’t even particularly bright.

Tired little girl does the best she can
Trying to be gay for her sad young man

Like, uh, skin. Like the hair on your arms or the back of your neck. A cat’s whiskers. Like the other two senses. You know, there’s sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. And balance. Those are the exteroceptive senses. But according to an article I read in Newsweek or Time many years ago there’s two more: sense of time and proprioception, which is the awareness of the body’s organs and their spatial relation to one another. When you close your eyes, for example, the sense that lets you touch the tips of your right and left index fingers together.

Did you know that cattle and deer tend to align themselves along the north/south axis when grazing and sleeping? And some researches are theorizing and studying quantum entanglement in the eye or visual receptors of certain birds?

While the grimy moon
Watches from above
All the sad young men
Play at making love

Think about it, though. Standing in line at Starbucks for your morning cuppa. All those people and that rainbow of energies. On the metro. Walking down a crowded street. Everyone scanning. Seeing much more than they think they do.

Like I said, this is just a — I don’t know what to call it. A transposition of an idea. No. A superimposition. That’s the word. Like when you put those covers over your computer keyboard that show you all the commands for Photoshop or Microsoft Office.

Misbegotten moon
Shine for sad young men
Let your gentle light
Guide them home tonight

All the sad young men

Anywhich, that’s all I have to say about that.

My dinner calorie splurge is dictating that I assume a supine orientation.

Gute Nacht.

Welcome, 2010.


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    • garyarthuryoung

      And to you, Janna.

      Starting off the New Year in style.

      Be careful. Listening to one Kurt song leads to many more.

      Laura was like a cloak to me
      As warm and comforting as a cloak should be…

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