Socialistic: See? See what I mean?

Came home from grocery shopping a few minutes ago.  Tivo recorded something and left the channel on DayStar, a Christian channel from the looks of things.

The Coral Ridge Hour (Dr. D. James Kennedy) was on with a segment about … take a guess.  Anyone?


I’ve been wondering why a lot of Christians have been so, I dunno, weird lately.  It’s because they’re being inculcated with this mess.  They’re being drummed with the idea that Pres. Obama wants to take all of their property and have the government take over everything.

Check this out.

And here are some of their resources that they’re selling:

  • Ten Truths about Socialism
  • Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger

Oh, they just put a URL up.

Go to the Experts link and read the quotes if you want to be freaked out a little.

Seriously, in the past 15 minutes I’ve just been inundated with this whole … thing.  Imagine if I were going to church to hear sermons, listening to right-wing radio, watching Fox News opinion shows, and so on.  No wonder people are freaked out.

And they’re totally buying into it.

You know what it’s like?  It’s like the czars thing.  George W. Bush had, like, 30 something czars.  Not a peep.  Then Obama had 30 something czars and all of a sudden it was a hostile takeover of our beloved Democratic Republic.

Ay chorizo.

What’s happening here, is that all of these different conservative arenas are focusing on this message and they’re trying, intentionally or otherwise, to equate any liberalism and progressivism with the most extreme forms of Socialism/Communism.

Notice how they start out gently and then by the end they’re talking about health care and Pol Pot style massacres in the same sentence.


What kind of information would you expect a Christian organization named the American Family Association to furnish?  A few quotes just to cement this point about Christianity being conflated with politics.  These are snippets, by the way.

Happy Earth Day…No Thanks.

Earth Day is part of an anti-capitalist movement with ties to radical environmentalist groups.  They condemn the United States for using a disproportionate amount of the Earth’s natural resources. Ironically, capitalism proves better for the environment than any regulatory policies.

The left wing environmentalist movement may desire a cleaner environment but their policies are manifestly anti-human. Besides their hyperbolic assertions and projections, they have been dishonest (the East Anglia/Global Warming scandal).  Unfortunately, here in the United States, the green movement in the end is not about a cleaner environment but government power.  It makes you wonder who the real environmentalists are.

Any time you hear a Christian divide humanity into left/right(in multiple senses of the word) and us/them, you know you’re about to step in it.  And smell it.

The Group That Poses The Biggest Threat To America

If a radical homegrown terrorist group attacked the United States, following after the example of Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, it would be horrible, outrageous. If Al Qaeda managed to attack us again, killing thousands of people, the nation would be devastated, saddened and enraged. However neither of these terrible events would affect the existence of America. Big government, on the other hand, is set on destroying the individual on which America is built.

I don’t want to discount the threat of disgruntled anti-government radicals who want to perpetuate their agenda through violence. The recent arrest of seven members of an anti-government milita group illustrates that there are certainly a few dangerous groups who pose a threat to citizens of America. But it is amply clear that big government is a larger, more insidious threat to America than any other group in the world. Period.

In a Nutshell

Yes I am.  I am picking on this brand of Christians.  Their view isn’t all encompassing, it’s just louder than most.  This Conservative Right club that would have been the Moral Majority — not necessarily either, neither moral nor a majority — a few decades ago.  The “politicians” of the Christian world.  Let me sum it up like this.  This is a quote from Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council in an AFA show interview.  I want you to take note of the straw man he sets up.

Sadly, some Christians get taken in by this.  I get almost every day emails from people saying, “Mr. Bauer, I don’t think you’re following the teachings of Jesus.  Jesus would be in favor of, for example, of giving free health care to people that can’t afford it.  That’s the whole message of the Gospel. To help the poor.”

I go through great pains to explain that Christ told us as individuals that we should help the poor.  We should help a neighbor that’s ill or whatever, but nothing in Christ’s message said you should feel anger or hatred at successful people and that you should use force to take their money from them and give it to somebody else.  That’s not Christianity, as you point out.   That’s Marxism.

Then Tim Wildmon, I think, says:  “That’s also a violation of the Ten Commandments.  Thou shalt not covet.  I mean, the Bible does speak to it.  It just speaks to it from the other angle.”

So there you have it folks.  I’m going to bite my tongue and not share some of the choice nouns and adjectives in my head.

For one thing, taxes are Marxist, apparently.  Marxist freeways and highways, public parks and schools, rest stops, fire fighters and so on.

This is the crux of what I’m getting at.  And the way I write, I’ll keep coming back to a topic because as time passes I get new words for it or new analogies.  Also, my opinion evolves.

The Church in place of the Government?

This is something I’ve come across repeatedly, though.  Christians who say that individually we’re supposed to provide charity and assistance, but nowhere in the Bible does it say we’re commanded to do otherwise in any corporate sense.  Of course, you can extend that to the church.  But in their minds, that’s it.  The government has no responsibility — and that whole unChristian this or that — to help the poor, widows, orphans, etc.

Oh well.  Little Timmy, the orphan, gets cancer of the blood and I guess “The Church” has to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars for his treatments and care.  And what if little Johnny has a congenital heart disease?  Then widowed Jane, whose husband’s pension has been ceased because of a stumbling world economy, finds out she’s losing her home of 30-something years.  She has one adult child who is unemployed and looking for work that hopefully provides health insurance.   I guess “The Church” steps in?

Man.  Churches are going to have to be well-moneyed, highly organized and pervasive in order to weather the vicissitudes of aging, health and economic vacillations for an entire community or population.

And would they tend to people whose behavior they don’t condone?

Ugh.  This is a rabbit hole.  How do I get out of here?  This train of thought.

I think I’m going to go work out.  Damn you, Slajs, and your daily workouts that help to guilt/motivate me out of my sedentary complacency (and thank you)!  Where are my frakkin’ socks.


Add Yours
  1. Dan Dombrowsky

    I get it, some Christians suck sometimes. If I may pull out my Sunday School Teacher hat for a moment, I’ll throw this out there. Any Christian interested in these things should read Romans 13:1-4. To summarize I believe it makes the following claims:

    1. The government authority over us is ordained by God, no matter the government. Yes, this would mean Obama is ordained by God authority over us, though I doubt he would make that claim.

    2. Rulers (governments) are set over us as ministers of good works, and we should be able in a good government system to do good works and be supported in that by our government. Only evil doers should fear the government, because it is also given the authority to punish.

    3. No matter what we feel about the authority over us, we are to be respectful of it, and subject to its laws. Failing in this is equivalent to failing to obey God’s laws.

    I realize some of that will rub people the wrong way, but that’s what I get out of it when I read that. If anyone has a better interpretation, I would be receptive to hearing it. Note that regardless of whether you believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible or not, the people you’re talking about here that are getting all “froggy” about Obama claim that *they* do.

  2. garyarthuryoung

    “I’d use it. If I were feeling froggy.”

    Right, right.

    I’m still trying to find the words for this crowd. Because it’s not about religion, really. Well, there’s an overlap.

    Conservative religious … elite? Christian conservative political wing? And if I really want to throw some stank on it I could bring up the demographics. There’s a schism of race in this fear-based movement. I thought this was a great thought exercise:

    Whatever the case, their efforts are effective. I’ve been surprised by their influence over some of my friends and associates.

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