New Song: Not the One ft. Sadie Flick

  • Sadie Flick on vocals
  • Harry Appelman on electric piano and organ (go, Nord!)

I wrote this back in, like, 2000.  It’s taken a long time to pull together for some reason.   Definitely not perfect.  I need real horns but that would/will require getting a horn player, finding a place to record, renting some studio time maybe, paying, etc.  I wonder if the BSO has time to swing by.  Despite any roughness, I like where it is.  And to be honest with you, I’m sick and tired of fretting over it.  Y’know?

The deadline of having to have the music and the lyrics, which have been evolving for over a decade, cleaned up helped to solidify things and Sadie does a beautiful job bringing life to this one.  She recorded … when was that?  Back in March?  She turns the lyrics into a story.

You know I’ll probably be uploading tweaked versions per usual.  I just realized something that I forgot.  But you get the gist.


A friend requested the lyrics.  This (and the additional guitar)  is for my Thai homeys.

I know the truth
I’ll still be fooled
We’re only as wise as the lies we choose to believe

Despite the proof
I’ll keep my cool
This won’t be the first or the last time I’ll be deceived

It had to end
We’re both spent
From too much pretending
Tell the truth
I’m not the one

BRIDGE (vocals w/ instr. solo)
Love should be kind
And love shouldn’t lie
Love doesn’t hurt like this
And love wouldn’t die

Love should be sound
And love is profound
Love never hesitates
And never ever ever puts you down

Love should be wise
Love would apologize
Love doesn’t walk away
Love wouldn’t criticize

Love always knows
And love always grows
Love isn’t insecure
Love always shows

Are we both fools
Or are we this cruel
Don’t blame me now if I don’t know how to proceed

Was it wasted time
Look me in the eye
Tell me the truth.  Were you lonely?  What did you need?

It had to end
‘Cause we’re both spent
From too much pretending
Tell the truth
I’m not the one
And you’re not the one
Tell the truth
I’m not the one


Add Yours
  1. garyarthuryoung

    FYI: Keep an eye (or ear) out for for previews of the Running Amok soundtrack in the near future.

  2. sadie

    “I have no memory of this place.” I mean, yeah I think it was in March. Seriously though, lovely horn parts and solos and mixing and aaaallll that. It sounds like a gigantic band. YES. Good job, now you just have to fire the singer… and… (j/k 😉

    • garyarthuryoung

      Why, thank you, mum.

      I’m going to tell the singer you said that. She’s a treasure. But she’ll kick your ass for that.

      I may have to fire her for truancy. We could totally be cranking out hits.

      Later, gator.

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