New Song: “It’s Cold Outside”

I don’t know where this came from.  I was humming randomly in the car on the way to work this morning.  I was like, “That would be a good melody.”

So I recorded it as I was trying to flesh out the idea.  Of course, I forgot the lyrics I was coming up with at the time.  And then … well, I would let you hear that but WordPress is being stuck up about it.  Maybe that’s for the best.  I mean, it’s kind of neat to hear a super, extremely very rough idea with the sound of the wheels on pavement in the background compared to the recording I just did.  It’s also embarrassing.

I’m sure I’ll want to fix a few things after the Jeep test in the morning.

I’m wondering if there’s any rhyme or reason to the fact that the melody was in my head in the key of B.  I was thinking of Winter and cold and tinkly piano ice and frost.  Does that mean B major?

Go, Cello

My pegs haven’t slipped since I put rosin dust on the pegs.  Thanks, fellow Cello blogger.  That sound is magical.  I just wish I had a soundproofed room so I could record voice, strings, and horns ‘n junk cleanly.  Some day.  Then I’ll be dang’rous.

I’m definitely feeling more confident with my bowing.  When I’m not recording, that is.  If you were to listen to a single cello track, it’s pretty awful.  Scratchy, out of tune, accidentally hitting other strings.  But together it sounds almost okay and then I use Melodyne on the string and voice tracks to fix intonation and other little things.  That little bit of extra effort makes a big difference.  It blends the sounds together.

The piano thing was a hassle.  It took a long time to get the chords under my fingers.  Had to do it in sections.

Anyway, a good night’s work.  Now I needs to sleep.


It’s cold outside
You just wouldn’t believe
How long it takes to walk here
God It’s cold outside

My hands are numb
My toes are frozen
It looks so warm in there
The way your windows glow

You could keep me warm
We could hide from this storm
It’s too cold to send me home
Can we talk inside

It’s like I’m Winter
and you’re Spring
We both promised not to Fall
after a Summer fling

It’s cold outside
You just wouldn’t believe
How long it takes to walk here
In the cold

5 thoughts on “New Song: “It’s Cold Outside”

  1. When your post popped in my email, I instantly heard Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews (ask google) – love that track, have you heard it?

    Oh, next beginners tip. Try playing the cello in the bathroom – the tiles make it sound wonderful 🙂

    1. Oh right! That is a great song.

      I’ll have to change this the title of this one eventually. Perhaps.

      I’ll have to try the cello in the bathroom thing. That sounds promising.

      Have you done any recording, Les?

    1. Feel free to write the screenplay.

      Oh. Moon meets sci fi. Eggcellent. Oh wait. That’s a comment I should be writing on your blog.

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