They done lost they mind – Ep. 1

Have people lost their natural minds??

People do and say crazy things all the time but you’d think the fact that everything you say (if you’re in the public eye at all) is being documented one way or another and everything you write on the internet is out there and documented would make them think twice before saying something stupid.

I’m probably about to put my foot in mouth.  I know.  Damn the torpedos.  Full speed ahead.  Torpedoes.

(This is old, by the way.  Written back in Nov. ’10.  Ancient history.)

Bishop Eddie Long

I’m getting tired of public religious leaders.  Well, I’ve been tired of them for a few decades but they’re really bent on pushing the boundaries.  You can read about the pending lawsuits against him.  A few young men allege that he sexually abused them.  But this bit here is a collection of his … message.  His beliefs.

That’s the link if you want to read the whole article.  At first I thought it was funny.  The more I read the depressing it got.  Here are a few gems of knowledge.

“The word of God is potent. The word of God is His sperm,” Long thunders. “The job of the preacher is to bring fresh sperm and when he speaks it, the womb — the church — is to take it in and say, ‘Sho’ you’re right.’ “


And why is it that the most virulent anti-gay preachers use sensual language to describe gayness.

“In a society, where little boys are exposed to grubby, cursing, dirty, cigarette-smoking road construction worker women, is it any wonder they stop chasing women and start chasing men?”

“Men can look attractive when they’re dirty,” he wrote in “I Don’t Want Delilah, I Need You!”

“We see sweating, dirty, hardworking men on television all the time and we say to one another, ‘There’s a macho guy.’ But women were not made from the earth. God made women to be lovely, gentle, clean and beautiful on the inside and outside. They are to be strong in character.”

Uh.  Oookaaaay.  I wouldn’t think anything of that maybe except for his current situation and the allegations.  Context is everything.

On living a lavish lifestyle?

“It’s strange but when a preacher gets a Bentley, people get mad,” he says in the book. “That’s why I have two of them. God has launched me into my culture like an arrow and I’ll go to almost any lengths to plant the kingdom in the hoods.”

He’s a prosperity preacher, meaning that he believes that God wants you to be rich.  If you follow him he’ll make it rain for you.  Direct correlation between being “good” and your personal success and health.  It’s kind of a medieval take on things.  Or pre-medieval.  If you’re poor or sick then you must have sinned against God.  Or something.

What trips me out is that he has followers.  He has a church and you know how that goes.   Especially in churches people will stand by their leaders, regardless.  They’ll just throw their Cloak of Denial over their shoulders and march tall.

I don’t get it.  Obviously.  If you’ve been paying attention to any cult-type organization in the news you’ll see a few common themes.  They always lead to harems.  Every one of these egotistical, manipulative, self deluded %$#@!s, in the end, is just trying to create a little feudal kingdom with a bevy of young, powerless sexually indentured servants.  That may be a male fantasy but I don’t understand why women put up with it.  It always devolves to this kind of situation.  From Wikipedia:

The 1993 U.S. Department of Justice report sets out allegations of historical child sexual and physical abuse. ATF Special Agent David Aguilera had interviewed former Branch Davidian Jeannine Bunds, who claimed that Koresh had fathered at least fifteen children with various women and young girls at the compound. According to Bunds, some of the girls who had babies fathered by Koresh were as young as 12 years old. She said she had personally delivered seven of these children. Bunds also claims that Koresh would annul all marriages of couples who joined his cult. He then had exclusive sexual access to the women. He would also have regular sexual relations with young girls.[12] In his book, James Tabor states that Koresh acknowledged on a videotape sent out of the compound during the standoff that he had fathered more than 12 children by several “wives”, some of whom were as young as 12 or 13 when they became pregnant.[13] DNA testing of the women and children in the video who died in the subsequent fire confirmed that some of the children were his.[citation needed] On March 3, 1993, during negotiations to secure the release of the remaining children, Koresh advised the Negotiation Team that: “My children are different than those others,” referring to his direct lineage versus those children previously released.

That’s what it’s all about people.  I’m NOT anti-religious, of course.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not attacking all churches, religions, Christians.  I’m just saying.  Don’t leave your brains at the door when you’re dealing with anyone who claims to have authority over you, spiritually or otherwise.

Clint McCance

Okay.  That was just the warm up.  Here’s the workout for you.

Clint McCance is or was a school board member in Little Rock, AR.  Now, I’m a little jaded and I usually don’t just get all reactionary and fire off at the mouth about controversial news stories.  In truth, I don’t want to get caught up the infotainment bull crap.  Draw you in with emotionally charged dysfunctionals while giving you no information or edification.  But this one shocked me.  I checked and it’s not an article from The Onion.  This fool said:

In a Facebook posting, McCance scoffed at a campaign asking supporters to wear purple Oct. 20 to show solidarity after several gay and lesbian youths killed themselves, reportedly because of bullying.

“Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves,” McCance wrote. “The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin.”

In a follow-up response to Facebook users who criticized his comments, McCance wrote that he liked that gay people “can’t procreate (and) I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other AIDS and die.”

That’s a head shaker right there.  He resigned but has the nerve to say that he may run for the school board in the future.

I assume, from his language, that he considers himself Christian.  I’m trying to wrap my head around someone calling themselves a Christian and wanting teenagers to kill themselves.  For any reason.  And writing it online!  On Facebook!

And Jesus said unto them, unto them he said, “All ye young and pubescent and seeking your identity and burgeoning sexuality, I hope you kill yourselves.  Queers.”

That just feels wrong to even type as parody/sarcasm.  Blech.  Clint McCance.  I’m glad he spoke up.  Put those cards on the table and get those reprobate proclivities out there in public.  I wonder if he thinks all those politicians and actors who cheated on their spouses should kill themselves.  As long as he’s wishing people would kill themselves for sinning.  Seppuku for John McCain, Gov. Mark.  Sanford,  Sen. David Vitter, Newt Gingrich, etc.

He ain’t right.

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