New Song: “When I Fall in Love (Interlude)”

Here’s an instrumental interlude.

This is one of my favorite standards and a good one for a cello/bass melody.  Cello melody.  Cello mellow.  Cellomelody.

Uh … anyway, the melody is pizzicato on the cello (thank you Ray Brown).  The arco upright bass states the melody at the end, layered with … other stuff.

This here cello thing has successfully frustrated me.  Maybe that’s because I’ve been listening to a few different Yo Yo Ma recordings while I’m still struggling with fundamentals.  Like vibrato without shaking the whole instrument, which causes inconsistent/shaky bowing.  That type of thing.  Intonation, of course.  (I fix my intonation in Melodyne.  It is very necessary.)

But my bowing on the upright bass is semi-serviceable now.  Kind of funny how that works.  I love that sound.  All I need now is technique, i.e. ‘to practice’.


Ray Brown's "Jazz Cello" release.

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