Gary – 2011-02-23

Whoops!  Wrong blog again.  Apologies, America.

Oh goodness.

That’s the thing about exercise.  You can always try harder and push it more.  Of course, I’ve still got a long way to go before the basic resting position isn’t torturous.  Ha!  I’m lame.

Tip #1

Fast before your yoga class.  I had a protein drink, some nuts and a Clif Bar (which was one item too far, actually) around 4.  Class is at 6:45.  Still, I should have eaten less and/or eaten earlier.

It’s also nice not to be gaseous like the atmosphere of Venus in a small, warm room whilst doing bendy, scrunchy, twisty, foldy, deliberate, strenuous exercise.

Tip #2

Position yourself so you can see yourself in the mirror.  Not directly behind someone.

Tip #3

Don’t be chunky.



Time: 00:50:00
Estimated Cal Burn: 320 Cals

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