New (Old) Song: “Howl”

First, let me say something.  I wrote this back in 2004.  It’s one of the first songs I ever recorded.   The saddest song ever written.

This is a remake because the hard drive that the recording project is on died (ironically, while I was trying to back it up).  I’ve been revisiting old tunes that have some potential because I’m ready to wrap up this “Anteros” project and make a CD, put it on iTunes or whatever.  I’ve got somewhere between 30 and 40 songs that are just sitting around that practically no one has ever listened to.  About half of those are fit for public consumption.

I say all that to say this.  I’m not clinically depressed or especially down in the dumps.  Worry not.  But yeh, the lyrics are miserably sad.  Like I said, I was trying to write the world’s saddest song at the time.  And frankly, I was that down when I wrote it.  Thank goodness I can write and make music.  It’s a release valve, among other things.  I still dig the song.  And it’s a good listen on a Sad Songs playlist.

Also, my voice is strained for some reason and I thought that it kind of works for “Howl”.   The original version had wolves howling in the beginning and an intended soundscape of a campfire burning and crickets in the background.  I miss that.  But I don’t have any legal right to use those sound effects if I’m going to potentially profit so … there you go.

It’s not really done-done.  But for now I’m moving on to other things — at least until I figure out what’s missing — so I will catalog this on the interwebs as I do.  Safe and secure and practically invisible right out in the open.

Oh wow.  Way past my bedtime.


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