New (Old) Song: “Wait for Me”

Another remake of an old original.  If I had a choice I’d prefer to compose, make the music and let someone else lyrically and vocally tell the story.  Preferably someone famous and we’d reap the fortunes of putting angst into a consumable musical form.


You’ll get the point.  I wrote this at the beach.  Outer Banks, 2004?  2005??  Just before I left home for the beach, I was running very late.  I was taking out the trash, and saw one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.  At the pool.  She was a lifeguard.  Sunning.  Playing classic R&B tunes on the radio, a guitar case leaning against the fence.  No one else was there that day.  I talked to her for a minute.  Eventually.  That day turned out to be the last day the pool was open for the season and she was headed back to wherever she was from.  Eastern Europe.

Probably too young for me anyway and vice versa (among other things) but I was haunted for weeks.  And somehow that turned into this song as I was on a beach trip, solo me with four couples.  I locked myself in my beach house room with the bunk beds for a few hours each day, fired up the amp and went to work making music.

You’ll see what I’m trying to do here with the Baroque-ish cello break.  Best I can do until I change one of the strings, which is scratchy if you don’t get it just right, and learn to play with more fortitude.  It’s still fun, though.

As usual, I have misgivings about releasing this one to the wind.  Self-conscious in many respects.  But what can you do?  The original version of this song had low levels, was very muddy and the vocals were flat and not quite in tune.  Still, even with all of those flaws, some people really liked it so that’s what’s giving me courage this morning as I procrastinate.  (I really need to get cleaned up and get to work.)   This 2011 version ain’t perfect but it’s definitely an improvement.  I’ll be coming back to clean up things and put some touches here and there.  And I still have to do the Jeep test.

But for now.

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