LGN 23: We Fall Down

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There’s still a very long way to go. I used to think that the way to humble and shock yourself into exercising is to see yourself naked in the mirror. I have a correction. Even more shocking is to see yourself in compression shorts or spandex. Wow. Because then, not only are you nearly naked but awkwardly nearly naked. Brutal.


Hm. WordPress on the iPad doesn’t quite cut it. Weird. I wonder why that would be when Safari supports all the features. Anyway…

I’m borrowing the following idea from some other blogs and articles. Below are a few pictures from around the web. They’re all amazing world class and some record breaking athletes. Some are marathoners. Some are sprinters.

If I could choose a physique, I’d choose to have the build of a sprinter as opposed to the build of a marathon runner. Granted, these are extremes and most of us won’t achieve or get close to either extreme.







By the way, when I comment or post about how running isn’t necessarily the key to fitness or weight/fat loss that’s not meant to be a knock against running. Running is great exercise. I’d like to run more. When I reach the point where I can run a few miles without getting all shin splinty or jointy I would like to do a lot more running. With intervals.

However, strength training seems to have a lot going for it with regards to calorie burning, strength and aerobic exercise. It makes sense to me that one would want to strengthen muscles around creaking joints before pounding the pavement with repetitiously jarring forces.

If I were forced to choose between lots of aerobic exercise like jogging or the elliptical and strength training, I’d definitely choose the latter. I think it makes you much more physically versatile and competent, for lack of a better word. And hawt.

Luckily we don’t have to make a binary choice like that. It’s not one or the other. Do what works for you and find a way to get some resistance work in.


Oh. The next time you’re in a sports store or at the gym, walk over to where the weights are. Find the dumbbells or kettle bells. Pick up a 40 lb. weight with one hand. Feel that weight. Walk around with a little bit. That’s friggin’ heavy, isn’t it. That’s about how much extra fat I’m lugging around on my frame. Well, less than that now. More like 25 to 30 lbs. It’s insanity.


Something’s been wrong with me for the past two weeks or so. I don’t know what it is. I’ve been lethargic, my brain has been cloudy, been dragging myself around and not looking forward to workouts and yoga, tiring out early in the workouts. I’ve also been a little cranky and not looking forward to being social. My knees have been in bad shape and my shoulders have been killing me.

The physical discomfort is understandable. This third mesocycle is tough. Well, it makes sense that I would be sore (even in the joints) but it’s troublesome that my body just won’t recover. Lots of pushups grinding on the shoulder joints, for example.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong. I think I haven’t been eating enough and I let my daily protein consumption slip. I can’t get enough, around 120g, without supplements and for a few days I just didn’t want to deal with making them and drinking them and tasting them. I also got a hold of some Granny Smith Woodchuck Draft Ciders (which have half the carbs of the regular ones). It’s so good but it messes up my stomach.

That’s issue #1. Any stomach offness makes for a tough, strenuous workout, as is evidenced by a higher average heart rate during a workout.

So I’ve been eating more. Notice I said eating more. I didn’t say eating better because I’m pretty much on track. Just haven’t been eating enough, which also means that my vegetable intake and protein intake are way too low. A free meal twice a week helps but those usually aren’t geared towards health.

The personal trainer suggested taking a fast-acting carb right before workouts. He recommended glucose tablets like diabetics take. I did that before the workout on Monday. I also purchased more Casein and Whey protein. The clerk talked me into a more complicated and better(?) Whey protein. Drank that after the workout. I’ve been throwing multi-vitamin powder into the shakes along with frozen berries. Taking my vitamin D supplements.

Suddenly, after Monday’s workout I got the runner’s/lifter’s high. It felt good. It felt like a shot of medicine. Went home, putzed around, ate, went to bed. When I woke up in the morning my shoulders felt a LOT better. My knees, particularly the backs of my knees, felt like there may be hope for them.

I’m rebounding. I mean, it’s great being stronger and fitter, in theory, but it’s not a win if the cost is being sore or in pain all the time, right?

I have to learn how to recover, especially as the workouts get more intense and the weights get heavier. I guess it’s something you can’t be passive about.

Seriously. Where’s my aspiring massage therapist bride?

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