Dreaming of Sarah Silverman

This is 100% random.

For some reason I was dreaming about Sarah Silverman all last night. One dream to another. Isn’t that weird?


In the dream, I ran into her on the street. And then in a later dream I was in a hotel and wandered up to the penthouse of a hotel in downtown DC and up to the roof where there was kind of a party scene and Sarah Silverman was there with a celebrity entourage.

She said something. I responded, trying to be witty and ended up just hanging out. She was so cool and … weird. At one point some of her handlers (apparently, my dream mind assumes that all stars have entourages and handlers) got annoyed with me because I wouldn’t leave and was trying to hog conversation time.

They hired some thugs to try and rough me up but I beat them back with my newly acquired Underground Athlete strength.  (I don’t know what that was all about.  Hey, it’s a dream.)

Now, throughout much of the night — the physical world night in which my body was asleep — I had to urinate. This theme kept coming up in much of my dreaming as well. So at one point I said to dream Sarah Silverman, “Aw man. I really have to pee but I don’t want to leave.”

She said, “It’s not good to hold it.”

“Why not?”

Sarah said, “Because you’ll get that thing. What’s it? Onteritis. Oneretis?”

“I think you mean ‘enuresis’?”

She said, “Inyourpenis.”

And then I woke up. Laughing.  Partially because that’s something that she’d say on the Sarah Silverman Program.

Better than zombie dreams. That’s for true. Burn bright, Sarah Silverman. Shine on, you magnificent bastard.

Then the next night I dreamed that a friend of mine named Sarah saved me from a terrorist attack. Even stranger. But thanks, Sarah.

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