Funky Fresh Flow = F3 #2

Inside: A free ride of subconscious streaming; Loopseque; Some listenin’ music

Yo ho ho and a bottle of fuuuuuuunnnnnnndamentally different epiphany. Come free your mind. Take all that grind, all that whine, all that downtime in front of a screen to make it seem like you’re living the dream. An honorary doctorate in being seen. Highlight reels of where you been, what you eat, what you drink. Make you feel like a king or queen. Royalty of the digital scene. Don’t forget to preen.

And take a picture of it.

In a bathroom mir-ror. (Did you see that duck face?)

But it’s not like I have a plan to make a stand out from the crowd. Everybody’s loud and I’m proud to be quiet. I’ll start a riot of silence. I’ll parse an atom of science. I’ll cause a thought of defiance. I’ll pause…

So you can try it or buy it. You can bake, broil or fry it, dye it, and lay it to the side. It’s cool. I won’t ask why. I just try to say what I have to say. No violence so you can dial in, see, so pile in mile after mile just so I can see a smile on your face for a little while.

Bypass all that rubbish. All that style without substance. All that hubbub since it’s just noise signifying grown men acting like boys with toys. All hoi polloi.

Given a mic and a night to spit a tight rhyme in time with a beat that’s booty phat. And all they have to say is ‘Bitch this” and “Nigga that”?

Yeh you dance to that drama, pay money for their trauma to play games in your brain. I don’t blame. I don’t shame. I just came on here to take chance. Let you know I want to lift you up, not tear you down, and then see you dance.

So you can shake shake it. You can break break it. Like it’s hot or not. I don’t want to put a drink on your shelf. I want you to be yourself.

Be yourself.

(Not what I want you to be.)

Be yourself.

(Not what they want to see.)

Be yourself.

(Not what I want you to be.)

Be yourself.

(Not what they want to see.)

Be yourself.


Found a new tool/app/instrument.  Cool stuff.  Each circle is an instrument or kit, one patch per ring, each segment is a 16th note.  You can update your own samples, use what’s there already or buy new ones.  There are effects as well.

Setting up a groove
Swap beats/patterns on the fly with a tap or swipe

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