AncestryDNA: My Genetic Ethnic Identity

I got an email this morning saying that my AncestryDNA results are complete. Exciting.


I’ve been curious to see if there’s going to be something more detailed than West Africa. You know. Due to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Due to Uncle Barry’s research and family lore, I already know that there’s some European in there, and one of my paternal great grandmothers was kidnapped from Bombay (now Mumbai).

Check it out. The outlines (as opposed to solid colors) represent regions of trace amounts.


I’m kind of surprised that there’s no Native American in there. Either future updates will show that there is or the people that we think were Native American were white/black interracial.

I’d like to see a predictive health profile, too, despite the potential medical privacy issues.


AncestryDNA also shows you connections (if you choose that option) to show you who you’re probably related to. I’ve got some interesting exploring to do.

I’m a little less lost in the world now. Just a little.


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  1. garyarthuryoung

    My family and I are convinced that there’s Native American in there, too. I’ll have to see if I can find the pic of my maternal grandmother’s father.

    • garyarthuryoung

      I think it’s worth doing.

      It’s interesting and if you have an account it can help you connect with other people who are researching.

      If I ever hit the Lotto I’ll hire a pro researcher or two to track ancestors overseas.

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