LGN 95: Welcome to the Gun Show

Inside: The big 3; Emergen-C; Mental Toughness; What gun would I buy?

I don’t have anything to say.


My big three are increasing.

On March 28th, 2014 my numbers were:

Squat: 305
Bench: 220
Deadlift: 355

On April 19th at the first annual Mason Marcum UGA Power Meet they were:

Squat: 320
Bench: 230
Deadlift: 355

That’s a total of 905 lbs., which is 95 lbs. short of the 1,000 lb. challenge.

Granted, I did Mental Toughness Class that morning, too. During the third deadlift attempt of 365 lbs. I ran out of steam. Shiz was heavy and when I went to dig for more — energy, power, push, pull, whatever — there was nothing there. Nothing. Not even the power of pretzels was enough to grind out that extra ten pounds.

NInety five pounds seems like a lot.

It’s interesting to operate at 100% effort every once in a while. Doing something as hard as you possibly can.


Sometimes I forget that I do all of this training and class-taking for a reason. That’s not a bad thing. As far as being on autopilot goes, exercise is a good mindless habit to have.

It’s time to take it to the outdoors, though. Time to run and climb and ride and paddle and whatever else I can get into.

It’s kind of amazing that we have to intentionally find ways to use our bodies like they’re supposed to be used. Well, that’s kind of a romantic way to look at it.

Our bodies are designovolved to adapt to external stimuli and environment. We adapt to hard times and easy times just the same. I guess the fact that it’s so hard to lean out, especially once we’ve gone into “storage mode”, says a lot about the conditions in which we developed — what our biological programming is optimized for: hard times.


Holy crap that was a tough one and a long one. There were a whole lot of two things that are … challenging. Kettlebell swings and running. Justin has managed to work about 5K of running into the class. Big ol’ escalating swing ladder with reps of things in between. 400 swings total. I think my form got better out of necessity as the weight went up.

It’s progress that my lower back can clear out the tightness but it’s a slow process. Not fast enough to be able to keep up with the pack.

I admit that I don’t have that — intensity. At some point I’m going to have to up my game to have a goal more admirable than not cramping and recovering from lower back pain on the fly.

No cramps, though! Two hours of intense Justin-prescribed physical activity in humid conditions including 3.5 miles of jogging (and some walking, too), 400 KB swings, sled pushes, rower, plus hill sprints. Maybe I was properly hydrated this time.

I’ve got a new thing. Remember when I mentioned Airborne? Emergen-C is even better plus they have some with vitamin D. Look at this. All the good stuff a body needs. All the stuff that’s recommended to help avoid cramps and dehydration.




I need someone to take me shooting.

I think every able bodied adult (who doesn’t have an ideological aversion) should know their way around firearms. Even if you don’t own one and regardless of your political stance.

The safe handling of firearms is life/death knowledge, whether through actual use or preventing accidents.

I looked up prices on legal assault rifles. I was shocked how inexpensive they are. You can get a SCAR for $500. Decent assault rifles are less expensive than decent cameras. That blows my mind.

I’m not familiar with guns and they make me a little nervous but during the Mancation there was immaculate firearms etiquette. Like, the only way you could get shot in that scenario is if you literally ran in front of someone who was in the process of shooting. Any other time the clip was out and the chamber was cleared.

At first I really wanted to shoot, and then after having my eardrums rung like bells while the rifles were being fired (while wearing ear protection) I didn’t want one right next to my head. I mean, it physically hurts the ears, which wouldn’t be a big deal except — you know. It’s your hearing and hearing doesn’t grow back once it’s damaged. My grandfather’s hearing was damaged from decades of working at Bethlehem Steel. I like hearing.

But they told me that it was no worse while firing than when you’re standing a few yards away. It’s true, too. I’m not sure how that works.

Explosions are fascinating like that. While someone was firing you could feel the pressure wave washing into and around your skull. Feel the percussive shock in your chest.

I’m left eye dominant and right handed. For some reason I didn’t think to shoot left-handed. I’ll have to try that some time.

If I were to buy a gun I think I’d go for — hm. I don’t know. I’d prefer an energy weapon with no recoil. Fusion-powered, ideally. A phaser would be ideal. A little more civilized than a disruptor.

Assuming I can’t afford one or that it doesn’t exist except in sci-fi, I’d go for one of those stubby Israeli urban combat rifles. I forget what they’re called. Tavor.

No, wait. The Micro Tavor.

That’s the ticket.


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