Current Events: The Miscegenation Conspiracy?

Inside: @YesYoureRacist; Edward the Vampire’s black girlfriend; the Illuminati created White She-Devil to bring down the black man, apparently

I’ve run across and stepped into some surreal corners of the internet since it was invented and became a thing, but today I really went down the rabbit hole.

You ever meet someone who is offended by interracial relationships?


I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone complain about race-mixing I immediately think, “It’s the 21st century and people are still hung up on this crap?”

Did you read about Robert Pattinson’s (the guy from “Twilight”) girlfriend, FKA Twigs (I don’t know who that is. A singer, I think?), who appears to be black or interracial maybe? She is getting blasted on Twitter with racist outrage from Pattinson fans, Kristen Stewart fans, and just plain racists. There are a lot of people calling her a monkey, ugly monkey, and nigger.

I try to respect other people’s opinions even when I don’t agree but sometimes ish is just crazy. Sometimes the opinion is beyond the pale and isn’t worthy of respect, although I wish I could have a conversation to get to the crux of the matter.

If you check out the Yes, You’re Racist (@YesYoureRacist) twitter feed (highly recommend but don’t stay long or you’ll get your blood pressure up) you’ll see a fair amount of white people saying, “I’m not racist but I’d never date a girl who would go out with a black guy.”

Well, that’s among the milder statements you’ll see. Interesting correlation that the most virulent racists usually can’t spell worth a damn.

Point being, there are some forms of racism that make me think that someone hasn’t been taking their meds.

If someone wanted to talk about possible tension due to different cultural upbringing, experience, and expectations, that’s one thing. Or maybe the derision from society would add another layer of tension, stress or whatever. Those are reasonable concerns to me and a couple needs to address those issues at some point. The same as any other couple but with more historical context. As a side note, I think that every couple should have premarital counseling. “You can never understand me” or “Why do we need to talk about this” are better dealt with beforehand.

Let’s get to the good stuff, though.


I saw a blog entry titled: “How the Illuminati Uses White Women to DESTROY Black Men!”

I was like, Oh I have got to read this. This is going to be juicy. And juicy it was.

It was all about the “evils” of interracial dating, specifically accusing black men of being traitorous to black people for dating or marrying white women. The author referred to white women as deviltresses and Becky. Her theory is that white men create(?) these white women and use them to lure and seduce black men into … something. Maybe just luring them away from black women?

In addition, any black man that dates outside of his race, according to the author, does so because he is full of self-hate and it’s a slap in the face to his mother and relatives and black women in general. A plot to dilute blackness. She includes historical photos of lynchings in which white women were in attendance and uses that as proof that it’s some kind of sleeping-with-the-enemy trap. Like, “This is what white women really think of you. Why would you go there?”

Apparently, white people smell bad, too. They’re dirty and don’t wash their hands when they go to the bathroom.

If the author were white I’d accuse her of antebellum-style racism. It’s so retrograde.

I really wanted to leave a comment and have a discussion on her blog but you know. That’s just asking for trouble. Not much good comes from debating or arguing with true believers.

My first thought was: The movie “Undercover Brother” was not a documentary. (“Weeeeee want the funk.”)

It’s crazy. Like, how can people think like that in this day in age, right? But there are a lot of people who do.

The author has a palpable fixation regarding black men and white women. Not so much about any other combination of races and genders so I’m guessing it’s the author’s particular pet peeve and hangup.

There were people in the comments saying that they were proud that they never dated white people and never would. Or that white people are inherently unattractive and evil.

Just — profound personal (as opposed to institutional) racism and bigotry. I mean, if you flip that conversation around it’s like some bizarro world KKK rhetoric. That’s the thing about bigotry. It’s an inability to see or interact with people as individuals — only as stereotypes and stand-ins for lazy generalizations.


If you meet me on the street or at a party, I would hope that you, reader, would interact with me as an individual. Ideally, we wouldn’t feel the need to ignore each other’s apparent race or identity. It would just be another facet to get to know.

I would not want you, reader, to see me and say, “Oh. A male. Scourge of the Earth since the dawn of humankind. Pillager, warmonger, rapist, defiler of people and nature, abuser. Men committed the atrocities of the Holocaust. They enslaved millions. Males dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations. Why would I want to interact with this person?”

All of that historical context is true. So maybe it’s healthy to let that form a small percent of your impression. A fraction of a percent. There are some shared qualities, such as testosterone and male chromosomes, after all.

I’m not denying that black women in particular have been either ignored or disrespected by mainstream society. Trends and styles that black women originated are picked up by white stars who then get rich from it. When black people become rich and famous they tend to hang out with other rich and famous people and subsequently date and marry in those circles, which don’t include many black women.

Statistically, black women get the least respect and replies on sites like OKCupid. Short men, bald men, Asian men, black men, older people, are all at a disadvantage, etc. But black women have it the worst.

I guess some people choose not to differentiate between historical context and individual people, though.

I say this proudly. I would date, marry, or procreate with any woman who has a meaningful overlap of values and priorities, is supportive and positive, and who is fit enough to give me a run for my money. Period. And I don’t give a fudge what anyone thinks about it.

I have been rejected by a plethora of diversely beautiful women, I can assure you. Though I tend to find myself partaking of activities and environments that aren’t diverse: electrical engineering, user interface design, software development, painting, kayaking, mountain biking, outdoor activities and adventures of a certain intensity. Music — performing/gigging — has been the most diverse area but I haven’t been doing much of that lately.

Anyway, anyone who fits those qualifications is fair game, so to speak. There are good people. There are flawed people. There are damaged people. There are dysfunctional people. There are ignorant people. There are bad people.

Yes, there is historical context but when it comes down to it, we have to live our lives. Live OUR lives. Not the 1960s, 1860s, or whatever.

I’ll tell you who I would not date. A bigot. A person who is profoundly angry and bitter because that stuff never stays contained.

I’m not denying history or social context or racial dynamics. I’m saying, it’s time to learn to view each other as individuals first.

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