My birthday is March 2nd.

I saw these pictures on whydontyoutrythis.com. Truth.


If you put those two images together that’s what a good birthday would be like. Come home from a fulfilling day with a few friends to dozens of notifications.

I don’t mind the aging so much. Not that the relentless cosmic tick tock doesn’t get louder every day, but I intend to get better as I age. Like a fine wine, like a well-crafted heirloom, like a forest, a mountain range, a classic Stevie Wonder song, an upright acoustic bass. Coolness doesn’t age (documented below).

While my actual birth day anniversary is usually, um, bleak, every year one friend comes through within a few days of the date and shines a light. Not the same friend. A different friend every year. Funny how that works out. I don’t have a social circle/life, per se, but I have great friends near and far. We just don’t see each other more than a few times a year what with the hustle and bustle of our postmodern digital lives.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday and everyone who thought about it and sent a burst of positive vibes. All of the social media ever can’t compare to one or two friends who give their time and presence (and feed me) — relationships are built on shared experiences and mutual memories, after all — but it’s a welcome and meaningful topping.

On the following weekend the family has the trifecta birthday celebration for the March babies: me, a cousin, an aunt (and sometimes the late celebration of another aunt whose bday is in February). That’s the point when I realize how lucky I am. That’s when everything is put into perspective. I see the baby, my cousin’s granddaughter. I see my grandmother soon to be turning 97. Five generations.

Friends can never take the place of a good family. Family can never take the place of good friends and a healthy social life.

My family is dope, if people still said “dope”. I hope that everyone out there who doesn’t have good, healthy, loving family relationships can heal them one day or move on and detach from the toxicity because there’s nothing better than having your family in your corner. (We miss you, DB.)



Year 43 had its downs and its ups. I actively resisted inertia, which is monumental. Year 43 was rebelling against entropy. What am I going to get up to for the next year of living? I have no idea. Here are some things I haven’t learned yet:

  • Pick a campsite
  • Poop in the woods
  • Build a fire
  • Wheelies and jumps
  • Dance
  • Swim
  • Belay
  • Ski/snowboard
  • Handle firearms
  • Longboard

I’d like to get the family in on some outdoorsiness but I don’t know. Maybe the nephews would give up some of their gadget time for outdoors time this year.

I need to get back to music somehow and drawing/painting. Gotta use your brain as many ways as possible.

And that’s all I have to say about that. I’ll see you in the whirlwind, my people.

I think I’m done with people wrangling for a while but if you see me doing something you want to get in on, hit me up.


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