LGN 107: Up Jumped Spring

Inside: End of an era; Year 44 game plan; Fitness goals; Any suggestions?

Up jumped Spring. Just like that. 50 and 60 degrees all day long. I had a blast last night on the mountain, though.

Snow melts. The snow report for Liberty says “Packed powder”. Wrong. Loose granular, i.e. slush. Slushy snow is fine for snowboarding, though. It’s hard to walk or skate in because your foot sinks with every step. It gets rutted and cruddy quickly. You really have to commit to your maneuvers, too. I got a lesson in responding to the terrain.


  • Step 1. Acquire speed.
  • Step 2. Brake confidently, smoothly, and then stop paying attention to what you’re doing.
  • Step 3. Bite it. Superman style. Land on the part of your body that your padded undergarments don’t protect. Feel your spine flex dramatically in the wrong direction. Realize you’ll be feeling this tomorrow.
  • Step 4. Wonder why it feels like you were punched in the heart and that it’s a minor miracle the camera that you wear like a necklace still works.

I’m not sure I’m cut out for snowboarding, though, only because I’m just not hype enough. It’s not in me to “Whoooooooooo!!!” loudly and often for little to no reason. But if that’s what it takes to get through moguls that’s what you gotta do.

Oh. I also had one good helicopter fall. That was a first. i thought I was breakdancing for a second there or that the board was going to keep spinning and I was going to vertically take off. Even including all of that it was a great night, of course. Lot of progress. It felt good.

As the temperature dropped the consistency of the snow changed to something thicker and a little icy. Also, there were big puddles here and there, especially at the bottom of the ski lift ramps. It’s all new to me but it’s all good.

The Queen of the Mountain and little Z did Lower Blue Streak with me a few times and then introduced me to the back of the mountain. It’s fun back there. I was pretty worn out by then, especially after a classic and epic Superman faceplant, and started falling all over the place. Narrower trails, steeper, blue runs and my rear leg (my left since I ride goofy) quad started burning like crazy. I ran out of steam about half way down the blue family trail.

QotM pointed out that I have a bad (but useful) habit of going into a heel slide instead of holding a proper heel turn. Gotta work on that. It helped a lot to remember to pressure the rear heal to keep it in control.

The ski season is pretty much done around these parts. Not officially but it’s definitely — you know. I like going when it’s not crowded, though, and at night. I had the Dipsy Doodle run all to myself in the night, under the lights. Plush.


I have none. I’m trying to look weeks and months ahead and figure out what I’m going to do with myself. I suppose mountain biking is in the works but the trails need to dry out a little bit. Kayaking season is close. Cherry Blossom kayak tour will be in a few weeks, in theory. Oh that reminds me. I should sign up for the 4th of July kayak fireworks thing.

I’m trolling meetup.com for things to do, of course, but I figure I’ll do some road trips and explore. There are plenty of kayak tours, horseback riding activities, etc. in the Outer Banks, for example. Heck. There’s a lot locally. Groupon, too. I need to check Groupon.

There’s an Everglades tour but it’s too long for me. I dig kayaking and theoretically I like camping but seven days of that? I don’t know.

I’m looking forward to trying to get photos of wild horses at an Assateague camping trip in April. That should be interesting and sandy. I hope there’s a bathroom. I tend to just hold it in for the duration of a camping trip. That is not good for the soul.

My strategy is to always have something to look forward to, preferably on a weekly basis at minimum. Not just something to do but to look forward to.


I have none other than get stronger, get leaner, get fitter. Stop being sore all the time and occasionally in pain. No clicking joints would be good. I would like to do a sub-30 minute 5K. I really need to work on my endurance. Again. If I can do 5K and feel physically good and strong I’ll prolly do some mud runs.

Gotta lower that body fat percentage.

I ordered a BlendTec on Groupon so it’s on the way. I can make my own green drinks. I’m looking forward to that. Who wants to wash and prepare all of the ingredients for me? Okay. Thanks. Appreciate it. You can have a sip when you’re done. A sip, I said!


I’m open to suggestions. Any good activities in your near future?

What do people do with their time?

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