The One Where I Engage in Online Conversations and Am Reminded How Much People Hate Black People

Inside: Calgon take me away; One f-bomb; One s-word (not mine)

Okay, listen. I love y’all. But I can’t help but notice how some of you who were QUICK to call black people thugs, animals and savages for destroying property a few months ago have nothing to say about Dylann Storm Roof. (Or those bikers in Waco, for that matter.)

I’m going to do something different with this. But first let me share a story. (No offense to the parents of these children. This is not in anyway a judgment or accusation. It just happens to be a cute, innocent child thing to say that also happens to be perfectly symbolic.)

A FB friend’s children were talking, according to her post, and she heard one of them say something to the effect of:

“Babies come when moms poop them out. That’s why your hair is brown. I came straight from heaven and that’s why my hair is blond.”

That’s adorable, right? Kind of. And then I thought: Sheezus. Where does she think black and brown people come from?


I’m going to share screenshots of online conversations I’ve engaged in after I blur out names. One FB degree of separation and blam! Look. I’m as sick of talking and thinking about this stuff as you are of hearing about it. Most people are. It’s exhausting. But I just can’t abide bulls—.

Lazy generalizations, compelling but logically fallacious memes, and EVERYONE HAS A PERSECUTION COMPLEX!

Black people are talking this fatalistic nonsense (we can’t do this, we can’t do that, oh woe is us) and it doesn’t take much to get to baseless conspiracy theories. A certain segment of conservatives have managed to conclude from the clearly racistly motivated murder of nine black people that rich, white Christians are being oppressed. What the fuck is wrong with you?

If you agree with some of these folks I’m engaging … feel free to comment. Let’s grab a coffee and talk about it if you want. PLEASE talk to someone outside of your normal circles or bubbles of sociopolitical comfort. Get another perspective.

These shooting massacre perpetrators/terrorists, 87% white guys, get taken in alive and in good health because they go docile. These guys know how to go into unthreatening, guy next door, fully compliant, who-me-couldn’t-be mode? They go from guns blazing, heartless killers to Opie Cunningham. No fighting, no running, no backtalk. They transform back into the harmless gangly dweebs that everyone thought they were.

Unless they want to be killed by cops or unless they kill themselves first.

In response to an article about Rachel Dolezal…

…that apparently mentioned slavery somewhere along the way.



I’m being reasonable, right? Besides, other groups were included in the persecution including black Germans, gays, physically handicapped, gypsies, etc. Isn’t Israel still receiving financial aid and incentives and pledges of undying alliances, as it has been since it was created? Talking about modern day Israel here. I mean, she’s just wrong and hostile about it.

I also disagree with the “history doesn’t really matter” sentiment. Or the “maybe we shouldn’t teach about that stuff” and then we could all just get along sentiment.

In response to a meme comparing Dylann Roof’s arrest to Eric Garner’s arrest

The meme is definitely a false equivalence, but here we go. Hold on to your butts, people.

What … I mean. How do you even respond to that? It’s a mess in there. It’s too much. Just too much.

I think I need a break from life for a while. My patience and benefit-of-the-doubt muscles are cramping up. I swear. If I hadn’t fallen asleep to a YouTube video of a young woman in a bra eating a chocolate covered frozen banana the other night I’d apply for sainthood (and be rejected soundly for a whole lot of reasons).

I am exhausted. Have a good weekend everybody.

Love each other. Look out for each other. Be good. Do good.

9 Lives Taken

During a prayer meeting, welcoming a stranger. He said he almost didn’t go through with it because they were so nice to him.

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