Retro Online Conversations

It’s so lonely, trying to have reasonable conversations about controversial issues. It’s good to share.

McKinney, TX Pool Party

I inserted myself into this conversation. People. When the cops tell you to move along, move along. When they tell you to get the eff out, move along. De-escalate. The fact that you’re probably within your rights is small consolation for what may happen next. Like I said below, freedom of speech and expression often comes with unpredictable consequences and life ain’t fair. Survive to tell your tale, y’know. Unless you’re willing to be arrested or physically damaged or make a point by sacrificing your time, having an arrest record, risking violence, etc.

Having said that…

Dude was totally out of control. How do I know? Because the other cops and even parents standing right near him were cool as cucumbers. Two officers even ran over to stop Casebolt after he drew his gun.

Doesn’t matter, though. With the video. With statements from the white kid who filmed it. A statement from the chief of police. Doesn’t matter.

They can’t do it. Reality bends. Language warps. They can’t empathize. It explains so much.


Note how she makes every excuse and gives all the benefits of all the doubts to Casebolt. Maybe he had a little more coffee than the other officers??? Zero for the teenage girl. None. Maybe she had a little more coffee. Maybe her cat was diagnosed with feline leukemia that morning. 

Ay caramba. 

A friend responded but I didn’t. I dropped that Biblical reference in there to appeal to her Christianity. I’m not sure if she aikido’d me or if she didn’t realize I was quoting the one and only Jesus H. Christ. My work here is done. Up, up and up some more!

When Rachel Jeantel testified at George Zimmerman’s trial

Or was it Trayvon Martin who was on trial?


I had to. Only English? British English or American English? What about other languages and dialects? Linguistically her argument is fatally flawed and all that’s left is prejudice. 


Someone mentioned something about white power groups and the generally uneducated nature of those who tend to be aggressively and openly racist. I’m not going to pick on people’s small grammar and spelling errors because we all do it, especially when we’re calling other people out for spelling and grammar errors.


Wow. Anyway, this conversation mellowed out and I melted back into the shadows.

“I’m Blackman.”

In these conversations there’s often a theme of distaste, shall we say, for black women and girls. Palpable.

And yes, I’m cherry picking to make myself look good. Not really. I’m not really trying to give myself the last word — I don’t need to because this is my blog — and I admit that I haven’t changed any minds. That’s not really my goal.

My goal is to be present and to respectfully violate the segregation of these people’s lives. I want them to know that they’re in mixed company, let’s say, and to politely challenge their $%#@ $#@!$#. And then I want to get people to recognize the humanity of, let’s just say it, black people.

The bar is so low. It’s so low. And I still fail.

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