Holy S#%! What is wrong with you?!

People. Friends. 

If you don’t like President Obama’s presidency, that’s fine. If you disagree with his politics and policies, okay. Policy is debatable. Statistics are often used to tell one aspect of a complicated situation. 

If you really dislike him as a person, I think you’ve bought into the political demonization perpetuated by media factions. Or it’s an our team/ their team animosity. It happens. 

If you hate the President and First Lady with a fiery passion I think there’s something wrong with you. You’re already a hateful person. It’s the kind of hateful that scapegoats other people and peoples for your own problems. 

Worth a thousand words:


Jesus. Proudly posting on Facebook, too. Unashamed. 

This is just ugly, America. Ugly. 

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