LGN 117 The Inside Story

Inside: Disjointed | Junglenest indoor campout

Gross or awesome? Or both. Grawesome. Look inside my knee. The second pic (upper right) is the torn femur cartilage. I think bottom left is after the smoothing.

It’s getting better but it hurts, of course, what with the physical therapy. The good news is that the doc said he expects a full recovery in three weeks or so.

Cigna won’t cover manual physical therapy. What is wrong with you??

Hammock Camp-In

Hydrocodone and Amazon don’t mix.

Really. I need to have my privileges revoked. But now that it’s here this thing is awesome. How do you solve a first world problem? With first world consumerism!

Good gravy, this thing is comfortable, though.


A lot of campsites at parks don’t allow hanging hammocks or you have to use the designated camping pad. Meetups, festivals and gatherings. Take this puppy out for boss level chillin’. I wish I had a yard.

Hammock pros

  • Soothing
  • Airy
  • You only need two trees. The ground can be rocky, overgrown, on a slope, or wet. Doesn’t matter.
  • Can be smaller and lighter than tent system. Some.
  • Quick to set up and pack up.

Hammock cons

  • You need two trees or anchor points.
  • Can be chilly with air moving around you.
  • Need a tarp to counter wind, rain, and snow.
  • Lack of privacy. (I’m getting a large tarp to deal with that.)
  • Where do you put your other gear, pack and shoes?
  • Camping in cold weather requires hammock quilts. The good ones are $$$.

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