#AllLivesMatter and Black on Black Crime as a Semantic Weapon


Anyone who forcefully says #AllLivesMatter says it only as a sardonic, hostile response to #BlackLivesMatter.

Invariably, in the same conversation they try to convince me (or themselves) how someone deserved to die without due process of law, which suggests that they don’t really believe that all lives matter.

Anti-BLM Meme on FB.png

“#AllLivesMatter. I hope if you ever need the police that they don’t show up and you die or get raped or something.”

Come on, now. This isn’t about hating or not wanting the police. (I’ll keep it real, though. I have seen a few black people saying crazy things but those things are crazy. And sometimes ignorant. And sometimes conspiracy theories from wherever conspiracy theories come from.)

I assume that during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure #AllLivesMatter activists show up to shout, “WHAT ABOUT DIABETES? WHAT ABOUT LIVER DISEASE? #CureAllDiseases! Not heart disease, not hyperthyroidism, ALL diseases!”

Of course, everyone’s lives matters. I’ll even say #WhiteLivesMatter, #BrownLivesMatter, #WomensLivesMatter, #QueerLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter” and #PoliceLivesMatter even though an occupation isn’t the same as an immutable physical sociocultural designation but okay. I’ll say it all day long because I believe it. It’s not mutually exclusive to my belief system. It’s a part of my belief system.

The difference is, I’m bleeping outraged and heartbroken when cops are killed, too. Not only when people who look like me or share my socioeconomic status, whatever that means, die unjustly and unnecessarily.

Black on Black Crime

This is always, always followed by, “What about black on black crime?”, which would be touching if it were actual concern as opposed to an attempt to convince us that we don’t deserve safety and Constitutional and basic human rights. Like we’re somehow not as worthy of our rights.

Internal dysfunction doesn’t mean that external threats and attacks are acceptable and to be suffered quietly without complaint. Funk that.

Black on black logic.tweet.png

Meme logic and analogies are never perfect but close enough in this case.

Also, more white people commit crime than black people. It’s a sheer numbers thing. But I don’t believe it’s about some inherent character flaws other than our base human pathological nature.

Also, as of May, 74% of police that were murdered were killed by white people. Or is it 74% of the perpetrators are white. I’ll have to check on that.

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