LGN 135: Intermittent Swimming

I’m writing this (and googling calf massagers) right now for one reason. So I don’t eat.

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for about four weeks now. 16/8. In other words, I have an eight hour feeding window, usually from 2pm to 10pm, give or take.

I’m not sure how much progress I’ve made. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting results. Other times, not so much. When I see the family today, I’m sure someone will comment on my weight or physique, or lack thereof. Haha. You know how fam’ly do. I have an end-of-the-cycle weigh-in the next time I’m in the gym so we’ll see. I’ll be disappointed if the scale or body fat numbers haven’t improved. Then I’ll have to pay closer attention to the other numbers: calories, macros, micros, quality of food.

It’s easier on days when I have something specific to do that keeps me busy. Weekends aren’t necessarily the best for that, although a free day isn’t the worst thing in the world and it lets your body know that you aren’t actually in danger of starving to death or in our culture, not in danger of feeling particularly peckish or hangry.

There are things IFers drink and eat but … to tell you the truth, I’m trying to find the easiest way to have a lifestyle that gets me to my goals. Yeh, I’m lazy. Sure, I could go all in and buy all the bone broth, vegetable powders, juicing ingredients, free range hand-brushed tubers, and eat only the flesh of animals who are swaddled, play educational iPad games, and are lullaby-ed to sleep every night until the day they’re gently murdered by holy child monks, and measure everything that goes into and comes out of my body. I could do that. But since that’s not the only thing I want to do with my time… I need sustainable habits.

Eat between this time and this time. Try not to eat crap. Go do your training. Go outside. It’s getting warmer and sunnier; no excuses. Don’t put that in your mouth! Sleep.

See? Lifestyle.

Here’s where it gets confusing, though. You’re supposed to have good fuel before you exercise, right? And you need to eat appropriate nutrients after you exercise, right?

But the tenets of Intermittent Fasting say you should train fasted so your body relies on fat for fuel instead of glucose, is it? And if you really want to become a fat burning machine, don’t eat for a while after your training.

Swimming IV is today’s training and I am f-ing hungry right now, is the point. It’s Sunday, though, and that is technically my free day so I may pig out (UberEats –> Cheesecake Factory brunch) — I mean, eat responsibly, mindfully, and authentically in alignment with my goals as soon as I finish writing this, namaste.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the water. February’s class was full so after a year of swimming classes I was a landlubber for a month. So I had a month off and never went to the pool for — reasons. I missed the first class of this session last Sunday because, well, I didn’t feel like going. I was just not feelin’ it, y’all.

Not cool, because I do what I say. It takes a while sometimes but I try to stay true. I’m a strong believer in being true to your word. You have no power if your words have little meaning.

I briefly thought, maybe I’ve done enough for a while. Do I really need to get aqua-wrecked again? Do I need more classes? Do I really want to be the slow, drowny one with the lame-ass kick again? And you know what? Yes. Yes, I do. I’ve still got work to do. I need to get out of the damn apartment, get some vitamin D, stop being so sedentary, interact with people, learn to swim well and competently. Get your complacent ass out of bed and go get in that damn pool and swim your ass off, G. Swim! Swim to glory! Swim to see your enemies driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women!

Of course, when I got to the pool today I didn’t know who was teaching or where to go, and since this class is on Sunday morning instead of weeknights, the deeper part of the pool is open, which means we’re in can’t-just-stand-up territory. That’s a good thing, but I was nervous. Like when I needed to tighten my trunks the only way I could re-tie the drawstring was to stand on the bottom of the pool and then I tied it wrong so I had to do it, like, three times but there’s no air down there and all. You know how it is. Same feeling as riding public transportation during rush hour.

I had a plan to make sure that my endurance improved over the last month before class started, but due to some confusion and my not being specific enough, that’s not how my gym program was written. I wonder if it would have helped much.

As always, Swimming IV is exhausting. There are some teenagers this time who are putting the grown folk to shame. I’ve had worse days in the pool, though. And I’ll have better days so it’s all gravy.

We’ve got work to do, people. Let’s go!


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