Introducing “Just Go Outdoors”

Here it is. I’ve changed the name from BlackoutDoors to Just Go Outdoors. (I think it takes a few days for the change to propagate.)

A little less than two years ago I started an outdoor-centric YouTube channel called “BlackoutDoors“, as in black outdoors.

It kind of sucks so I’m not saying that you should go there just yet. There’s a reason that I only have 10 subscribers and most of the videos get approximately zero views, on average. They tend to be something like this. Footage, music, no narration, no focus on people, and no story. There’s definitely potential.

Good videos are like any other means of communication. Tell an interesting story. Period. There’s a YouTube channel, flatbrokeoutside, that’s basically slideshows — all still photos — with the narrator telling tales about his section hiking experiences on the Appalachian Trail. It works. It’s not a style or presentation that’s going to get hundreds of thousands of views but it has a rustic charm and it’s informative and therefore viable.

I want to get back to making videos. I’ve got the gear. I’ve got the desire to get out there and find some adventures. I don’t quite have an on camera — I don’t know what the word is. Charisma?

I wish I could have found a way to get video of this whole process of learning how to swim over the past year. That would have been a great story to capture and a perfect story to tell.

Why did I change the name? Because of this.


Between Facebook,, and Instagram I’ve discovered a number of groups and organizations focused on encouraging black and brown people to get out there and partake of nature. #brownpeoplecamping, #melaninbasecamp, #blackgirlsdobike, OutdoorAfro, Goombay Adventures, etc. There are also a decent number of travel-based groups, too. They’ve got a lot of supporters but there’s a disturbing amount of backlash, much of it racist. Or just ignorant, really.

That’s what inspired this blog entry, by the way. REI posted an article on Facebook:



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  1. Monette

    I really appreciate your honesty: “History is important, but I don’t want to talk about slavery or racist legacies and so on. There’s a time and a place, but that’s literally the opposite of what I want when I run to nature.”

    I’m happy when you join us and also when you virtually take us along on your adventures.

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