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LGN 115: Recovery

I am very drowsy. First, I’d like to start off on a negative note. I don’t like Cigna. As I was laying on the gurney, IV dripping Xanax and antacid into my veins, the doctor stopped by briefly and said I owed him big time because they had just gotten off the phone from battling…

Rest in Peace, Debbie

Debbie is my cousin: the oldest child of one of my maternal aunts. I found out today that she passed away last week. We found out today, I should say. So damn sad. Debbie was talented, kind, generous and she could be so sweet despite the fact that she was in pain, I think. She had…

LGN 111: Blue Summer

Inside: Broken things; So that wasn’t a stripper convention?; Snorkeling; Look at that water I. Have been gaining weight since Spring. Damn it. On one hand, how could that have possibly happened?  On the other hand, I haven’t been doing much and I haven’t been mindful of what I’m eating. So that’s how that happened.