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Quarantine: Year Two

Dearest Liza, We find ourselves in the third month of the Bidet Wars. Our troops remain steadfast and clean of tush. All quiet on the western front. Let’s start here… The Downside of Political Correctness I believe that political correctness, as with anything else, has a limited return on investment.

Quarantine: Year One

This shit is bananas! Just so you know, I have a dark, absurdist, and sometimes irreverent sense of humor. So, you know. If you don’t appreciate humor, more or less, amidst tragedy, I’m probably not your cup o’ tea. I understand. Take care of you and yours and be well. And on that note…. We’re…

LGN 110: Go Ruck Yourself

Inside: Random things about camping and backpacking; Rucking BACKPACKING VS. CAR CAMPING After the REI Campout at Greenbrier State Park I can officially say that I prefer car camping. I like having other people around, being close to civilization, and bathrooms. Drinkable water. You can make it as luxurious as you want. Or as bare…