about me

dsc06370I blog because I like to write.  It’s an outlet, mental exercise, and fun, especially when there are conversations to be had.

I’ve heard people snidely (whiplash) imply that blogging is just a way for attention whores to satisfy their egos and clog the internet with the unimportant ramblings of nobodies.

I say, write!  Dance, sing, tell stories, write poetry, make music.  Express yourself anyway you can.  There’s nothing more important than the unimportant ramblings of us nobodies.  Some of it sucks, yes.  Some of it is offensive.  Some of it is dreck.  Some of it, I wish we could erase from all time and space.

But in the end, we are our stories.

I still write about other random things: current events, fictional short stories, you name it.

Anyway, enjoy.  Comment.  Start a conversation.  Make a topic request.  Or better yet, put your phone or laptop down and go outside into the world and connect with people.


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