There was a time when my sense of self was all about music.  I worked my way to being a bass player.  You know, jazz, big upright bass.  And of course, that niche wasn’t quite what I wanted.  I wanted to get calls for guitar gigs.

When I was in the Bay Area I gigged a lot.  I only had brushes with other people’s greatness, though, and those moments made it clear that there’s a difference between musicians and professional musicians.

I was the guy with the day gig that played music as a professional hobby.  It’s good stuff.  But there are times when it wears you down.  And when you try and crank up your game you find that it takes a heck of a lot more hustle.

I’ve been slacking on the music lately.  Usually, I’m going through a writing phase, a making music phase, or a photography phase.  They are mostly exclusive.  Ever since I moved back to the east coast I haven’t gigged much.  I’ve grown a little bit disenchanted with the whole “I’m a jazz musician” thing.  Maybe because I didn’t get any chicks out of it.  (That’s supposed to be a joke.)

But I have not given up on music.  That’s not possible.

The Post Modern Musician

With the advent of all of this amazing technology it’s now possible to be your own band.  I’ve been making music in the confines of my apartment using the computer as a recording studio and with the help and collaboration and support of friends.  The quality isn’t quite professional but it’s not bad if I put some effort into it.

I hope you enjoy. I’m not a singer but I think of all my vocals as placeholders for the famous people I have in mind.

Peace and love.



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  1. Judi and Phil Harris

    Hi Gary: We’ve been listening to your music and enjoying it. Glad you and the rest of the Harrises have gotten together. Miss you. Judi

    • garyarthuryoung


      It’s great to see your names up there. Thanks for listening, Judi and Phil. Oh, I’ve got a picture to send you from yesterday.

      I’ll post more as they come. I suppose I’ll have to pick some and make CD at some point. When I do I’ll send one your way.

      Take care, West Coast Harrises.

    • FredMack

      can’t believe you haven’t gotten any chicks out of this. 🙂 ….no seriously, its good stuff. i love music beyond believe, i just never really developed my abilities. a bit odd and unfortunate. glad to see you still producing great stuff. keep it up!!

      • garyarthuryoung

        Thanks for checking it out, FredMack.

        Yeh, you’re a music fiend. I remember we had a pretty good duo version of Stone Temple Pilot’s “Plush”.

  2. This Weekend

    […] ArtSpring (8519 Georgia Ave) hosts live musical performances by Ne’a Posey, Quineice Clarkson, Gary Young and Sadie Flick until 7:00 p.m. This free event is open to the […]

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