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Geeks and Greeds

Hey!  What’s up. FeedBurner If you’re a blogger, please point your browser t’ward FeedBurner.  I was looking for a way to include my blog entries automatically on my website.  Eventually, I found FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google.  But it has many features that will make your day easier and it looks like it can…


I want you to know that I don’t always write about political stuff. I’m kind of tired of hearing my own mental/writing voice. I want to get back to my useless, meandering ramblings about life and things in general. Still, I feel compelled to quash the voices in my head. They are the psychological huddled masses that are yearning to be free (and they’re not shy about it).

Innocence Lost

Are you confused by all this economy stuff? I am, pretty much. I mean, I get portions of it. Subprime this, credit crisis that. But nothing connected the dots until I listened to two episodes of This American Life.