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The Double Fisted Diet

This blog entry is going to require user participation.  So if you’re reading this while you’re driving … well, you’re probably already nestled in a ditch or snugly wrapped around a stout tree trunk or maybe you’ve been ejected through the side window and are enjoying a comforting episode of unconsciousness.  I’ll wait.  Okay, that’s…

Red & Green

I’m trying, y’all. Green foods repair anti-oxidant damage. Red foods rebuild.  Or … what that’s not right.  Is that right?  I don’t know.  But the next best thing to extraordinary amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables is concentrated dried fruits and vegetables. Foodhealth

Heat Wave 2005

Ladies and gentlemen. America. I say to you that Panera Bread’s Portabello and Roasted Garlic Bisque soup is the bomb diggity! Man. That’s some good stuff. Mon, Wed, Fri. Consider this a public service announcement. New tune I’ve uploaded another tune on this hyuh myspace thing. I finally got the hang of that parametric EQ.…