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LGN 116 My Fifth Fitness Anniversary

I did a lot in 2015. But it doesn’t hold a candle to what I’m going to do.


LGN 115: Recovery

I am very drowsy. First, I’d like to start off on a negative note. I don’t like Cigna. As I was laying on the gurney, IV dripping Xanax and antacid into my veins, the doctor stopped by briefly and said I owed him big time because they had just gotten off the phone from battling…

LGN 90: My Third Fitness Anniversary

438 HOURS 3 times/week x 52 weeks/year x 3 years – some = approximately 438 hours of training and classes. 438 days I’ve gone to the gym. 438 ass kickings. 438 hours invested into my health, fitness and wellness account. Year three is the leather/sunflower/moonstone anniversary, in case you were wondering. In honor of this momentous…

LGN 86: Hiatus Pt. 1

Inside: Kind of long;Winter’s maw; Quelling rumors about something I allegedly said; Reflecting on 2013 SLANDER AND LIBEL Allegedly, I once referred to people who do Mental Toughness class as… fitnesshealthmental toughnessunderground athlete

LGN 82: Yoga

Okay. Let’s talk about this. There were three triggers for this blog entry. My ridiculously unflexible hamstrings. An online article talking about how men don’t flock to yoga and postulations about why. A video posted by a friend on FB of a Bikram Yoga champion (thanks, Amy). BACKGROUND Yes, when I was but a wee…