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LGN 129: Swimming For

I’m back, bishes. Bish noun Scientific appellation for a female dogfish shark. Portmanteau of the words fish and bitch. One of those is true. Ladies and gentlemen. Bishes of all ages. You know and I know that I don’t need anymore expensive hobbies. A few months ago someone asked if I was interested in scuba…

LGN 120 The Refollowing

Inside: Social media; Why we unfollow; The gun show; Life skills Confession. The other day I refollowed everyone that I’ve unfollowed on Facebook. I’ve unfollowed a lot of people. The sound of no one caring is the appropriate response to that. There were a bunch of people that I just plain forgot to re-follow after,…

LGN 117 The Inside Story

Inside: Disjointed | Junglenest indoor campout Gross or awesome? Or both. Grawesome. Look inside my knee. The second pic (upper right) is the torn femur cartilage. I think bottom left is after the smoothing. enohammockjunglenestknee surgeryLGNrecoverysolopod