PSA: Fart Molecules are Much Smaller Than Viruses

In case you were wondering. About a hundred to a thousand times smaller. Then there are the respiratory droplets that are an order of magnitude bigger than a virus.

“Well, CH3SH is a rather small molecule with a diameter around 4*10^-10 m (0.4 nm, about 1.6*10^-8 inches),” Makal continues. “By comparison, viruses typically range in diameter from about 20 nm up to about 400 nm (J. Biol. Phys., 2013, 39(2), 215), with COVID-19 being around 60-140 nm (Cell. Mol. Immun., 2020). The difference in sizes of the COVID-19 virus and a common odorant in farts is 2-3 orders of magnitude (100–1000 times the diameter of the smaller methanethiol).”

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